Instrument Sound Puzzle

$ 25.00 each Brand: Classic World


Classic World Toys Instrument Sounds Puzzle. Fun and engaging 5 piece puzzle. Cute instrument playing animal pieces. Pegs to easily pick them up. Each piece makes a unique sound when replaced. Great for early developmental skills. Child-friendly wooden design. This chunky wooden peg puzzle features five easy-to-grasp puzzle pieces decorated with cute and colourful animals, including a trumpet blowing pig and a drum beating lion. Whenever children replace one of the pieces, it makes an exciting instrumental sound. Designed using smoothly shaped wood, each animal peg puzzle piece is child-friendly for babies and toddlers to pick up and play with. Figuring out how to put the wooden animal puzzle pieces back is great for a child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Because of the noise each piece makes, including a guitar twang and piano tinkle, kids will find the sound puzzle incredibly engaging. This makes it a wonderful way to encourage cognitive development. The toddler puzzle comes complete with 2 x AAA batteries. Puzzle piece 1: guitar playing monkey Puzzle piece 2: trumpet playing pig Puzzle piece 3: piano playing cat Puzzle piece 4: xylophone playing frog Puzzle piece 5: drum playing lion Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included) Suitable for children aged 1+ years Size (cm): W30 x H23 x D1.5 (approx.)